What To Expect On Your First Visit

Upon entering our office, we will request that you complete our new patient forms. These forms are available below. We can also fax or email them to you upon request.

This paper work provides us with your health history and information on your condition and saves you time in our office.

Next, you will have a consultation and examination to discuss your health conditions and to determine how we can help you.  With your consent, Dr. Meesit will perform a chiropractic examination, including other standard neurological and orthopedic tests. X-ray examination is sometimes, but not always, recommended. 

After we have gathered this information, Dr. Meesit will sit down and discuss the findings with you and make recommendations. Treatment is sometimes, but not always, administered on the first visit. 

If you are a new patient, please click on the "New Patient Forms" button below. You will see the forms to fill out in order to expedite our visit. They are in .pdf format. Please print them to bring with you. Please be sure to review our Notice of Privacy Practices document.

If the new patient is minor (person under the age of 18), please also print and fill out the "Minor Consent Form".

If your condition is related to an active personal injury case (i.e.m automobile accident or 'slip and fall' injury, please fill out the "Personal Injury" form. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us.

Products and Services:

We offer a variety of products and services including:

Nutritional supplements

Massage Therapy

Extemity Adjusting


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